Tips to Thrive at the Economic Summit

July 30, 2021 , Economic Summit

The eighth Annual Utah Economic Summit is scheduled for April of 2021. Overlooked by tens of thousands of people each day, this economic summit brings together business leaders from around the nation to discuss the state of the economy. Attended by politicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, economists, consultants, and other business-minded individuals, the event provides an invaluable forum for discussing how people can pull the U.S. economy out of the doldrums it’s been experiencing recently. Speakers include several current state cabinet members, as well as many former state government officials who have successfully run their businesses from the governor’s office to the mayor’s office. Also on hand are business owners from all over the country and even from other states that have made Utah their home.

Previous Utah Economic Summit winners have included many current state cabinet members, including Attorney General John Hunts and Rep. Spencer Cox. The impressive line up of speakers includes some well-known entrepreneurs, as well as national figures such as former President Bill Clinton. Following is the complete list of previous Utah Economic Summit award Winners.

* Reputation Matters: As the host of the economic summit, you will be representing both your city and the state of Utah. Attendees bring with them a wealth of business experience and connections to give you the advantage at this important meeting. These relationships and contacts will prove invaluable when it comes time to pitch your ideas to executives from all over the country.

* The Power of Varies: It is important to be diversified, no matter what your field of expertise. When speaking to business leaders from all over the world, it is equally important to take the time to listen and learn from them. If you only know one thing about a particular industry, that’s great – you’ll probably get the majority of your information from them, but chances are, other attendees will be able to offer you more facts and details about a particular topic, and more perspectives on how you can expand your business into new markets. Take note to share this information with the panel of judges later on. As a member of the panel, you will gain valuable insight and advice from panel members who have previously traveled to Utah or seen the sights in this state.

* Stay Connected: To be a successful entrepreneur, you must be passionate about your business. Being on time with customers is just as important as providing quality service and great products. Providing timely delivery and an efficient process for receiving and sending orders is also crucial. When you arrive in Salt Lake City for the economic summit, you’ll want to stay connected. You can connect with other panel members by taking the time to travel to networking events, join a few business groups or sign up for the chamber of commerce’s emailing service.

* Create a Difference: You are likely to present a case study related to your company. Use this opportunity to show why your company is different from others and how you plan to differentiate yourself from the competition. Share some statistics that show your growth rate, customer retention rate and profit margin. This presentation could also emphasize how you plan on marketing your products and services in the future.